China Student Visa for Pakistani Students.

China boasts 39 universities ranks in the QS World University Ranking 2018. By 2020 China aims to enrol 500,000 international students for higher education. China’s efforts in investing in its tourism, trade and education sector has led to an increasing number of international students pouring in to avail higher education opportunities China has to offer. China’s existing five-year plan, which is expected to extend into 2020, emphasises on improving and updating its higher education system in order to make it more competitive in the international market, and thus, attract more international students.

Student Visa is divided into X1 and X2. X1 is issued to aliens who come to China for study, advanced studies, or fieldwork for more than 6 months. X2 is issued to aliens who come to China with same purpose but for a period of less than 6 months.

The organization must be accredited for offering courses or internships to foreigners.  They will send you a JW201 or JW202 form and an admission letter.  Submit these with photocopies with your application.

You are not permitted to work on the X type visa. But part-time work and internships off campus may be authorized in near future. You should contact you university or employer after you have settled in to see what can be arranged.  For foreign students who work in violation of the regulations on the administration of foreign students working to support their study in China and work beyond the prescribed scope of jobs or prescribed time limit, they shall be deemed unlawful employment and will probably have to stop or be expelled.

X1 holders shall apply for a Temporary Residence Permit from the local Public Security Bureau (PSB) within 30 days upon entry into China. The temporary residence permit can be issued with validity of 180 days to 5 years.  X2 holders shall stay in China within the duration period as indicated on the visa, and it is not necessary for them to apply for the temporary residence permit.